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is a site being developed by social psychologist Karen McIvor, Ph.D. with the objective of promoting emotional intelligence in the workplace It will be the sister site to Bullying999, which was set up to inform and advise organisations, practitioners and individuals with an interest in bullying and harassment in the workplace. Work on the links between bullying and harassment, stress and organisational culture highlights the importance of EQ in creating and maintaining a positive and supportive working environment, and in reducing the risk of unintentional negative behaviour. Thus BusinessEQ and Bullying999 are complementary sites looking at positive and negative workplace behaviour.

of us are familiar with the notion of intelligence, and most of us are aware that the intelligence quotient (IQ) is a standard measure of intelligence. By contrast EI and EQ refer to emotional intelligence, i.e. social aptitude and awareness of both the motivations and feelings of self and others.

organisations recognise that, important though IQ is, it is not the full story. It does not address interpersonal ineptitude: leaders and managers also need to have those social and emotional competencies associated with EQ if they are to be effective. The role of organisational culture in setting behavioural standards and raising expectations is so important in this regard that it might be more appropriate to talk in terms of emotionally intelligent organisations.

This site will introduce readers to the research behind emotional intelligence, looking at the background, concepts, approaches and levels (societal, group, individual). It will explain why the author argues that organisations that recognise and embrace their contribution to emotional intelligence are also more likely to provide a positive, effective, healthier, and happier working environment.

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